Why do I need web hosting?

Web hosting:

What is web hosting, how many types are there, and which web hosting is better. When we start a new blog, the traffic decreases, so what kind of web hosting do we need, and when the traffic to our blog starts to increase, then what kind of web hosting should we choose.

All the files and data we have are hosted on servers, all the web hosts or web hosting or web hosting providers or companies, they seal the server space in which we store our data. These servers have different types and advantages and disadvantages. You may have noticed that when you go to a bank, sometimes you get an answer, the server is down or you keep hearing about Facebook and Twitter servers.

So what is this server?

The server is a kind of software program, which is related to different languages. For example, there are separate servers for Linux, and separate servers for Windows, which are installed in specific machines. We can call these machines servers, and we can call these programs servers.

Now if you are listening to a video, it will be saved on a YouTube data server or you are reading a post, so you can read it right away. When it is stored on a server in a data center, the server refers to something that serves. It can be in the form of programs or it can be in the form of hardware. Whatever you are doing on the internet, sometimes using YouTube, sometimes searching in search engines or sometimes chatting, all this can only be possible when it is all done somehow. Not saved on the server. Servers can be small or large. As you may have seen many computers connected to a powerful computer on the Internet Club. This is called a powerful computer server or you may have seen many computers connected to a college lab server.

There are basically six types of servers:

  1. File server
  2. Print server
  3. Communication Server (Email Server, Fax, Remote Access, Firewall, Internet Services
  4. Application Server (Applications Software)
  5. Database server (handles, stores, and manages data).
  6. Domain Server (This acts as a bridge between the domain and the computer.

There would be other small types in front of them:

Each server has a separate role, such as where there are data centers, database servers are used for them. Where there are file servers, we use file servers to access a file. If these files belong to something we have to print, then the printer connects to the server. So we use file server, if we have to email these files somewhere or we have to fax something, we use communication server, if we play games with friends, we use application server. And if a domain is placed on a server, it will be called a domain server. It was a little introduction of servers come back. Let’s talk about web hosting and its different types.

Benefit Of Sharing Hardware:

Hosting providers are responsible for maintaining the cloud server. It gives you the benefit of sharing hardware, etc. with other customers, and you only pay as much as you use the server’s resources. This means that if the original server’s hard drive is 1TB and RAM is 16GB but you actually use only 10GB hard and 1GB RAM, then you will only pay for 10GB hard and 1GB RAM. The same goes for other hardware. That way you don’t have to load the entire server. Another advantage of this is that using a cloud server. If your needs increase or decrease, you can increase or decrease your resources with just a few clicks. At the same time, your bill will go up or down. For example, when you do event blogging, and at an event you feel that your existing server resources can’t handle the traffic, you can only increase your server resources for a few days. When the need arises, you can reduce it.

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