What Is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a service from Google, a world-renowned company, which has made people rich overnight. This is a procedure in which if a webmaster applies for this service, he is given a few JavaScript codes, which he has to apply to his blog or website. As soon as a user visits that website or blog, Google’s automated computers search the components of that website, search for keywords, and provide relevant ads. These ads are run by various companies under Google Ad Words, and Google pays you to display them. Google promises this money to its users and keeps it to itself.

As your clicks on your ads increase, so does your money. When 10% is credited to your account, Google will send you a PIN number confirming that the person concerned is at that address and you will need to log in with your PIN. Your earnings will increase and when it reaches 100 min, Google will send you payment (I will try to explain the payment method in the next article).

You May Be Wondering, How Will Those Clicks Benefit Those Companies?

The simple fact is that when more and more users come to your websites, the products of these companies will be more sold, and their revenue will increase.

Learn About Google AdSense Terms:

Once you have a Google AdSense account, you can log in to your account and view a variety of reports and tables. You can improve your ads and pages based on these reports and statistics. So it is important for you to know what the terms in these reports mean. Below I describe a few basic terms in detail and their meaning.


Once you have Google AdSense code on your website, the number of Internet users will open your page and Google ads will continue to appear. That number is called Ad Impressions. If you put a lot of ads in one web page, this number will increase. For example, if there are two Ad Units on a page of your website, and your page is opened five times, the number of impressions will be five times two = ten.

Click Click:

An acceptable click is when an actual user comes to your website and places an ad on a website or webpage that actually belongs to you. Where there is something meaningful to this user. As a result of this click, the advertiser pays Google a fixed amount, from which Google deducts its commission and transfers the remaining amount to your account.


CTR stands for Click-through Rate. How many times do users of your site click on these ads when they see your ad a hundred times? For example, if an ad appears 500 times on your website and users click on it 25 times, then the amount obtained by dividing CTR 25 by 500 will be five percent.

Page eCPM:

ECPM is actually an acronym for Thousand Impressions on Effective Cast, which is how much revenue you will get if a thousand advertisements appear on your website. We get this amount by dividing our earnings by impressions. We use this quantity to compare different AdSense channels and advertising programs.

Ad Unit:

A collection of ads that appear on any web page in a specified selected size in the form of images or text. The nature of your ads in your AdSense account. Can choose the color, written ad format, etc. You are then given a code containing JavaScript and HTML, which you can embed in your web page.

Ad Code:

For an ad unit, the HTML code Google provides you. So you make it possible for the ad to appear by adding it to the HTML of your web page.

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