Types Of Hosting

There are three main types of hosting

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS Hosting / Cloud Hosting
  • Detected hosting

Shared hosting:

Let’s take this as another example. Suppose you have four brothers and want to start your own business and want to rent a shop, then you choose a good plaza. Let’s rent a shop in this and that. Think of your plaza owner as your “hosting provider” and hosting your shop. Now the shop you have taken over is owned by the four brothers and all of them are equal partners in it and have the right to use all the facilities of the shop and this kind of hosting we call “shared hosting”. Everyone who has created an account is an equal participant in this hosting and has the right to share all facilities.

VPS Hosting / Cloud Hosting:

Then comes a time, your business grows and the four brothers take their own shop in the plaza together, meaning they used to own only one shop and were sharing the facilities of that shop together. Now they have taken their separate shop in this plaza, now they are the sole owner of their own shop and will use only the facilities of their shop, and they will have no partner and VPS hosting in the language of hosting. / Says cloud hosting (virtual private server). There are fewer people on a server, and use your water space in that server. It has more features, and you have more options.

Detected Hosting:

After a while, the business of these brothers grew further and now they want, I rented a whole plaza one by one, so I would call it Detected Hosting. In it, you own an entire server and you can use its space as you wish.

Server Hosting:

You have registered a domain but it is just a name, where we will store its data. Suppose you have an image website, where all those images are stored, or what you are posting, where it is going. The content will belong to your website, we would need a place to store it, and we would need space. The same piece or place is called the server, in which you store your data.

Drawbacks to Share Server:

Shared hosting is also called virtual hosting because, in this web hosting, virtual hosting is hosted. This hosting is available at the lowest price or the cheapest in paid hosting. This is because it has a server, which can host many websites, and all share the same server. It offers you more convenience than free hosting, and you can also do personal configuration, such as email account space, etc. The security in this hosting is also provided by the web host, but one of the important drawbacks is that you have to share a server with many websites. So when the pressure of visitors or web traffic on this server increases, the performance of your website may be slow, as you may have noticed. Results are shown on some websites on school and college results days, so they often slow down or their server goes down. So this web hosting is great by the way, but only for small websites, which have a low number of visitors, the majority of our bloggers initially start with shared hosting.


Explain this with an example. A few people live in a flat and all people have an equal right to benefit from a flat and its facilities. Similarly, in shared hosting, all accounts have equal rights. They use it in all the resources of this hosting, including CPU time, memory, disk space, etc.

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