The Ultimate Guide To Off- Page SEO

Video sharing:

In this technique, we create videos according to the topic of our website or anyone’s website and share the video on the website and after watching these videos anyone can visit your website and become a user and business for you. Causes increase. That is, promoting your website through video comes under it, along with getting a backlink.

Photo sharing:

Just as we promote our website by sharing videos according to the topic of our website, so do we share photos on photo-sharing websites according to the topic of our website? Apart from that we also get backlinks from there.

Guest Posting:

In the guest posting, without registering there, you can create a link to your website through guest posting on this website. Most of the no follow links are created here.

Review Posting:

You can get backlinks for your website by giving a review on a good and standard website when you can give a review, but be careful to give a review and backlink on the blacklisted websites. Doing so would be detrimental to your website. At the same time, you can get traffic, and business can grow.

Blog Commenting:

Blog commenting is still working, and but where are the comments. That page should be related to your content and if you get a do-follow link for that related comment, it will come in handy and increase your ranking. But there should be a ratio of S like 20% if you are commenting on the blog then the percentage you are commenting on to point zero. So twenty percent of you are blogging. In this way, you have to comment on a certain division and order, not that you have to go on commenting one hundred percent. If you enter your keyword to find related blogs with the help of the Blog Finder tool, they will come up with a blog related to that word, and you can make these comments. But remember when you comment, use your name or write the name of your brand website. Don’t use keywords, it falls into spam and it will become a black hat SEO technique.

Make The Guest Post For Your Site:

There is a website called Here you can also make the guest post for your site, you can also exchange links, you can also create an account here, and here you will find the guest post, Arthur. You can talk to them and post your content on other people’s blogs.

Get free feedback for your site:

Many websites can come up and another way to get backlinks is to get backlinks through your testimonials. It’s a bit difficult to get backlinks like if you go to a website related to your keyword, and contact them and say that you want to give a review about their website, but if such backlinks finding the link is a big deal. To do this, search Google for Testimonials with Word, and offer them. If your website is related to any services, you can get backlinks by entering your site at This is a Page Rank 5 website.

More useful tips:

When it comes to no-follow and do-follow links, which search engines don’t give authority, don’t give value, these links are called no-follow links. There are certain tags for them, they can understand it as if you say yes this guy does this business, but not my guarantee. You can do business with it at your own risk.

Or we can say, this is the website of SEO. But we can’t say how good the content is, you can see for yourself. That is, we are not giving him any trust. There is no guarantee, but one thing is important here, that even if you find a no follow link to a good site, it is important. Like Wikipedia’s link is no follow, but it still has its place.

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