Link Building And Backlinks

Here we will talk about, Link Building Strategy and its importance. As you know, having a link to your website on another website is called a backlink.

You will think, what is needed and why it is done, then there is a simple answer. Having a link to your website on a good website increases your website’s reputations and also increases your Google Page Rank. You may be wondering, what is this page rank, so let’s talk about it.


At one-time page rank was very important, but later in Google’s new updates it became less important and some new things came and it is not as important as before, and now to see the quality of any website. For Google and some other websites (now has introduced domain authority, replacing Google’s page rank) has introduced some other things. But it was necessary for your information.

Page Rank is Google’s “link analysis algorithm”, updated every four months, and ranges from 0 to 10, with an average page rank of 3.

Google ranks our website up and down every four months according to its guidelines. If our website performs well and meets its guidelines, it increases page rank, and if our website does not comply with its guidelines, it drops its Page rank.

What is Google’s guideline, which increases page rank?

Quality backlinks

The more backlinks our website once had, the better the page rank of our website. But now only those backlinks are important, which are important in the eyes of Google and the website on which our backlinks are located, the website is of special importance. For example, a website that has a link to your website has a badge rank higher than your website’s page rank. Your link is to websites that have a topic or topic similar to yours. For example, if your site is related to fashion, then the link to your website should be on a fashion website.

Your Backlinks Should Be On Your Targeted Keywords.

Creating deep backlinks is also a must-try, not only to have backlinks to your home badge, but also the pages that exist within your website. They should also have backlinks on targeted keywords.

Do follow and no follow backlinks?

If we only create do-follow links, then there is a risk that Google will take it as spam after creating too many links. That’s why we also create new follow backlinks. So that the ratio of the two is such that Google does not spam our website. Our ratio should be something like this. 65% should be our do-follow backlinks, so 35% should be no-follow links. If we right-click on a backlink and look in the Inspect Elements, and if their code is like this, it’s a do-follow link.

Site Name

Because rel = ”do follow is showing do-follow or Site Name is also showing the do-follow link, and if no code is written rel then it is also do-follow link, and this code is showing nine follow.

Quality content

Whenever we open a website. Whatever we see on this website. This website has “content”, such as images, text, videos, etc. If all this content is up to Google’s standards, then it is quality content and your website will be considered better. Also when you do online marketing of your website. So it should be standard too.

How We Know This Is “Quality Content”

Now you will say, suppose we take the text of our website, then the text on our website should not contain grammatical errors. Don’t be duplicate and original and unique. If copied from somewhere out of compulsion, this website may be referenced at the end of the article. The keywords in this text should be used in the best way, and another important thing is that your website should be updated.

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