How to Write YouTube Tags and What Their Purpose Is

What Would Video Tags Be And What Would Their Purpose Be?

Today we will talk, all the video creators or video makers in the world know, that one

What metadata is actually giving information about the video, what is in this video, who it belongs to, and for what purpose it is made? We can call metadata the foundation of video building. No matter how good a video is, it needs a foundation, and that foundation provides metadata (titles, descriptions, and tags). YouTube Video Title Layer We’ve talked. Today it is the turn of video tags, video tags are not as important as they used to be. But even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

We can also call tags as video keywords, they have two types.

Short words

Long-tail words

An example of this is that one word can be called a short word and more than one word can be called a long word. An example of this is “Video” is a short word, and “Funny Videos” is a long word.

According to SEO experts, it would be easier to rank long words and more traffic is likely to come. An example of this is if we want to rank the short word “Music”, it will not be possible to rank it, because millions of videos are uploaded to his word every day and our video will be swept away in the flood of his videos. So we have to be more specific. Like if the music video is Sonu Nigham, then we can say “Sonu Nigham Music Video” but you must also find it difficult to rank. So you can add 2017 with it. With such long-tail work, you can rank your video well in search engines.

Tells you about Google’s autocomplete feature

As we search


So Google suggested me

  • Indian Dramas
  • Indian Songs
  • Indian Actress
  • Indian Dresses
  • Indian Girl
  • Indian Drama List
  • Indian New Movies
  • Indian Stage Drama
  • Indian Movies Download

Why did Google suggest that you don’t want to search it, so why did Google list it? Because Google would have guessed from the searches what people were searching for, he would have already suggested it for your convenience. So you don’t have to type. So why not make them the title of your videos by adding a few words to their Word. So that our video keywords are more searchable, and somewhere our videos are more likely to be ranked.

To learn how to use keywords, you must learn Google Keyword Planner, and how to extract keywords from it, which can rank well. I hope you have made a post about this, you may not have read the whole post like this one.

YouTube Tags some important things:

This is a link to the same series that has been posted on YouTube tags before, re-link the series of YouTube tags and add more rich information to it.

There are three main reasons to use YouTube tags.

  • The first is their use for search engine optimization.
  • The second reason is that YouTube search rankings increase because of them and YouTube brings your video to the top of related videos because of better tags. They can find out exactly what content is in your video, and they can bring your video to them when someone searches for tags in your videos. If you make the best use of tags in your videos, there’s no reason not to increase the views of your videos.
  • The third and most important reason is that when you communicate your videos, advertisers want to run their ads on some of their own words. If you use tags like these or similar, those ads will run on your videos, and this good tagging will significantly increase your earnings. Also, if your video ranks well and your tags are good, these special tags on your videos will result in higher Ads BID, and a further increase in your earnings.

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