How to verify a YouTube channel and the benefits of a verified channel

What are the benefits of a verified YouTube channel?

When you see a badge or a checkmark with a YouTube channel, there is a curiosity, how to get it from YouTube and

You don’t have to have millions of subscribers to verify your channel. You’d be surprised to hear that just a few months ago there were two to four hundred subscribers, so YouTube would verify your channel. He was lucky to have the channel verified. Now there are new rules on how to get the channel verified. There are a few options in which you can get the channel verified on a few hundred subscribers.

What Are The Conditions For Getting It, And Who Gets It?

In the beginning, YouTube introduced the system of channel verification because people could create their own channels under the name of any popular YouTube channel, so YouTube started the process of channel verification. The channel that is then verified cannot be named after another channel.

There are definitely some benefits to channel verification. It also occurs in the minds of the viewers that the channel we are watching is a YouTube verified channel, the necessary videos will be good, and because of this YouTube verification they will subscribe to this channel with full confidence.

What Are Its Benefits?

One of the advantages of this is that when videos or channels of a verified channel are reported or a video is flagged or there is a copyright issue, it would occur in some corner of YouTube’s mind that it was verified. That is why he does not accept the reports made against this channel so quickly. Rather, he does all the research, then comes to a decision.

Even if people repeatedly flag their videos on these channels, YouTube still treats the verified channels with leniency. At most he deletes the video and sends a warning mail that we have deleted the video. You review your channels so that there are no videos in your channel that are against our rules. In this way, instead of a strike on the channel, only one warning mail is sent, and the channels of ordinary people who have thousands of subscribers, and also have good videos, are given only one strike and nowadays they do not even bother to mail. When your channel gets verified, you get an advantage. Gets a place in the eyes of advertisers, and even direct advertisers contact you and start making offers.

Here Are Some Key Conditions To Verify The Channel:

  • First of all, your channel should not have any proxy strikes.
  • Your YouTube channel must be linked to Google Plus.
  • If your channel has a specific name, it must have a logo, it must be on Google Plus, and the channel and the Google Plus banner must be the same.
  • Now want at least one lakh subscriber to verify the channel.
  • But if you are a celebrity, YouTube will also verify your channel with a few hundred subscribers.
  • If you create a channel with your own name, then the logo should have your own photo and the same logo should be on Google Plus. If you have Facebook, you must do the same on Facebook.
  • You’ve got a lot of success on YouTube, just a few sentences and that’s it.

What You Shouldn’t Do When You Come To the World of YouTube

Whenever someone wants to adopt YouTube, they try to figure out what to do with it.” But I say if you come to the world of YouTube, first learn what you shouldn’t do when you come to the world of YouTube. You will learn this, you will know for yourself, what to do on YouTube and you will reduce mistakes. Mistakes happen to you because you don’t know what to do on YouTube.

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