How to Install Word press On a Server

How to install Word Press on a local server and hosting. This is a very common method and has been used for a long time to install Word Press on your local server, it is beneficial to test with Word Press before buying your own domain and hosting.

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  • Introduction to Word Press
  • Word Press Download
  • Local server
  • WampServer (Wamp)
  • Install Word Press

Introduction to Word Press

Word Press is the best content manager to date, although at first it was thought that you could create more extensive pages to create a blog. If you want to do business online and want it to be with a Word Press website, this is your best option, many people use programs to install Word Press on their computer, and have 3 directories. :

WP Admin:

This directory contains the records required for the operation of the Administration Panel.


This directory contains records that will create user interfaces such as plugins, themes, images, and videos.


This directory contains the remaining files of basic and advanced applications for Word Press activity.

Word Press Download

A lot of people use, and so they don’t have to download anything, but with though it gets a bit like that, they’re not the same. WordPress.rg does not have the same limitations as its counterpart.

You can download the latest version of Word Press from its official website for free and in Spanish.

Local server

There are people who take these steps backward, but in the end, the result is the same. The local server is a series of applications on the computer, and you can use them to create test servers. So you can be sure that your page is ready and uploading it will be very helpful in hosting these programs.

Here are the requests you need for the local server to work on your computer:

Operating system:

Windows are commonly used for this purpose, but you can download it on a Mac computer or with Linux.


This is an application that allows your computer to be a server.


This is the application that controls Apache and maintains the database. Which we will need for our project.


This is the programming techniques that the server will use.

The program I will show you below is open source and was originally developed after the launch of the Linux system. It was developed under the name LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) and now you can find MAMP through Mac and WAMP through Windows. Today there is a download package, which covers all these applications.

WampServer (Wamp)

The first thing is to go to the page. and download the application. You should download it according to your operating system (64 bits or 32 bits). As we have already mentioned, this program will turn your computer into a server and you will need to communicate with other Windows applications. So that the process stops correctly.

When the program is installed, it will create an icon on the desktop. So use it whenever you want, when you start WAMP, the icon will turn red, and then orange and finally green. To show you that your computer can now be used as a local server.

When you want to start using the vamp after the icon turns green, you have to make the option to start the services, then it will come back and you will enter where the PHPM admin says. That’s creating this database.

Install Word Press:

Once we have the database ready, you must go to the local server folder. In this case it will be “C: wamp” and inside you will know that there is a folder called “www”. You have to log in and create a new folder, called Word Press.

In this folder you have to unzip the files that we download from Once these files are copied to the folder, we go to our browser and install “Local Host / Word Press”, and there our Word Press installation will open on our local server.

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