How to Increase YouTube Views,

If the video is viewed repeatedly from the same IP, YouTube will imagine more than 3 to 5 views a day, and it will throw the views in the trash. Also, YouTube does not count views from the auto-play option of embedded videos. YouTube doesn’t show many things on YouTube. He has his own logic behind some of his things. We can only guess, as I think, that the views from Miss Leading Metadata, Thumbnail, etc., are also categorized by YouTube as fake or fake views.

As far as I’m concerned, even if you accidentally open your video a few times, and watch it for a few seconds, it won’t make much difference. Because YouTube doesn’t imagine a few seconds of viewing. Also, if someone watches your video for 20 seconds, and it goes away, it may be a view count, but it will not be called a quality view, and the negative effects of such views on the video. If these views are too high, the racking may fall.

If anyone thinks they can get YouTube views by refreshing the patch over and over again, it’s a mistake.

How to increase YouTube views, 10 important, and new tips.

If you follow these 10 important tips, I assure you, these tips will give new life to your videos and channel.

Keyword Search

Whenever you make a video, you have to look for the keywords in the video, according to which you have to look for keywords, which will help you in descriptions and tags.

You can use it,

Google keyword planner:

Then you can use,

Google Trends:

Also, you can use,

Long Tail Pro:

These tools and websites will help you in the keyword search.


The second important tip is metadata, you may be wondering what this metadata would be, it is the ones who have never read my post, nor are they going to read it, for those who don’t know, metadata is called title, description, tags. Or captions. Already posted about all of them, how to optimize this metadata.


Understand Thumbnail, this is the face of your video and you will beautify, decorate, beautify this face, the views will enrich your channel.

Understand the secret of your half success lies in the good Thumbnail. There is also an online website for making it, you can also visit it if you want.


If you learn to use annotations, they will bring you more views.

Ad Card:

The “end card” is used at the end of the video, in which you can show more videos, and the viewer will finish one of your videos and click on the link to the other video and thus the series of views will increase. So if you want to increase the views, then “end card” at the end of each video.

Call To Action:

If a viewer comes to see your video and leaves quietly, it will be your failure. Force viewers to subscribe, like, or share your channel or comment on your video at any part of the video or at the end of the video.

Social Media:

Social media is a treasure trove for you to get views on your videos, which if you use them properly, will enrich your video’s views. In social media You can bring traffic to your channels through hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram, etc., and also by sharing videos.


Set up playlists on your channels, so select one of these playlists coming to your channels, and they will automatically play one video after another and increase your views.

In Videos Program

This is a new feature of YouTube, from where you can promote any of your videos.


You can also make calibrations with other channels that are relevant to your channel’s topics and promote each other’s channels. This is a great way to get new people to your channel.

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