How To Increase The Authority Of The YouTube Channel

When you increase YouTube channel authority and gain the trust of users and YouTube Google, you will be able to easily rank your videos. The new YouTube channel in particular desperately needs to work hard to increase the authority of its channel. The method you have to use for this is backlinks.


Backlinks are external links to your channel, which are provided on some other YouTube channel or a blog or website, which when clicked opens your channel or video.

Which channels, blogs, and websites do you link to? That means channels, blogs, and websites, and so on. Like your channel and trust it, and want your channel to reach your audience, these backlinks play a significant role in increasing the authority of your channel. Channels, blogs, and websites that have links to your channel. The better their page rank, the more they will help your channel’s authority.

Comments Spam:

Do not make more than 5 comments on YouTube channels in a day, otherwise, your channel will be suspended in YouTube “Comments Spam”.

One more precaution you have to take is to go to different channels in the name of your channel in a day and make comments, and do not tell about your channel in the comments, do not tell anyone all 4 of them all. Not to mention subscribing to your channel. Give a good comment, be it about the video you watched, be it about the channel you’re commenting on.

In addition, each channel has a link “Discussion”, there you can also get backlinks by commenting.

do-follow” link.

One thing to keep in mind here is that the link you post while commenting will be a “no-follow link” and the channel name you are commenting on (i.e. your channel) will be “do follow”. Link”.

No-follow link:

The no-follow link doesn’t matter, and the search engine spiders only value the “do-follow” link.

You can use this website to check the authority of your channel online

If something is not showing a result, it means that your channel is new and has no special backlinks. This means that your channel has no authority.

You can also install Google Chrome plugins to view channel rank and follow the link, whose names are Chrome plugin.

  • NoFollow Simple
  • Open SEO stats

When creating your channel, fully understand all the options that YouTube has given you and don’t leave any of the options in it incomplete.

Regular uploading and watch time increase your channel’s authority.

The more authority your channel has, the more YouTube recommends videos to your channel and the more views you have. Add a link to your channel to each of your videos. This will get you a backlink from your video.

  • Citation Flu
  • Trust Flu

Citation Flow:

Citation Flow refers to how popular or popular your site’s link is and how many websites are linking to it, But keep in mind that there is no guarantee of the quality of these links. It can only tell you how popular your link is, and how many websites are referring to it. We use to check them out. Both citation flu and trust flu range from 0 to 100. Most websites have a high citation flow, but not necessarily quality websites. It is not necessary that the solitary flu is growing on the site.

Trust Flow:

Trust flow will also increase, but if the trust flow of a website is increasing, it will definitely have a positive effect on the solution flow, but if the citation flow of a website is too high and the trust flow is too low, then it will increase the trust flow. May have negative effects. If a reputable website links to your website, that site would be showing confidence in the content and quality of your website, which would increase the trust flow of your website.

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