Differences between the Web Server, Shared, VPS Server, Dedicated, Cloud Server Hosting

Today we will talk about what is a web server and what is the difference between shared hosting, VPS, detected hosting, cloud server hosting. If you want to know more about these types of hosting, there is a video about all types of hosting on the Hoster PK channel.

First, we talk about the server:

You will visit different websites, you may have noticed, some websites open very fast and some websites have very low opening speed and some websites do not open at all. It is understood that the server of this website is down or there is some problem in the server of this website.

What is this server and how does it work?

Let’s first talk about this server, what this server is, and how it works. When you upload a video on YouTube or post on Facebook or upload an image or post on your site, it is being stored somewhere, like you We store a variety of things on our computer, such as songs, files, movies, so your hard disk is being stored, and if we store a lot of things in our hard disk and fill the hard disk, you will notice Your computer has slowed down. Similarly, a server is a similar physical device, with different capacities. Like the computer, RAM, storage, processor, whatever you see on your computer or laptop, the same thing happens in the server, and you can call your computer and laptop a server if you want. Are. A server is made up of a combination of different things, such as hardware, RAM storage, and a processor. The second is the operating system, such as Windows, Linux, etc. It’s done. There is a third thing in it besides OS, Edge TTP software (hypertext transfer protocol). It is a software that is installed on the server. The hardware operating system, and the AGTTP software, combine these three things to form what we call a server.


Where the server is located, it is called the data center. If more people want to see this information, which is safe in this server, then the server becomes slow. This was a brief introduction to the web server. Now let’s go further, and talk about the different types of web hosting

Nowadays websites and web hosting are available at very low prices, and some time ago the average user did not have a credit card, and most web hosting and domain names were combined through a credit card. Now that problem is no more, as you look at Hoster PK’s payment options, there are many such options. Through which you can buy web hosting and domain name without credit card. Easy money etc. and creating websites have not been as difficult as before. Various software and ready-made themes and templates have also made this task easier, and the website is easily developed. That’s why the business of domain names and web hosting has grown significantly and the trend of creating websites has increased among bloggers and businessmen, and thousands of websites are being registered and are being created every day. But when a new blogger or business person thinks of creating a website, the first question that comes to his mind is, which web hosting to buy and which web hosting would be better for his website. Because there are many types of web hosting, and each has its strengths and weaknesses.

Types of web hosting:

Let’s talk about the same types of web hosting.

 Shared hosting:

First of all, let’s talk about shared hosting. Whenever someone launches their website, the first thing they look at is shared hosting packages. Because its price is the lowest. As the name implies, you share hosting resources with others in this hosting.

VPS Hosting:

So the next option for you is VPS hosting. This is somewhat more expensive than shared hosting. VPS refers to a virtual private server, it is similar to shared hosting, and this server also hosts many websites.

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