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When we repeatedly fail at a task, we must do the most important thing. That is, we must return to our basics and take stock of where we are going wrong. Thus, when we are repeatedly failing on YouTube, when strikes come, the trap of copyright would be “fitted” in the neck of our channel. We should reconsider our behavior if we are going wrong if I explain it in such a way that every other post in this group is telling. We didn’t read anything special about YouTube. YouTube doesn’t just say just upload videos. On the contrary, he also gives a “package” of rules, so that you can read it and don’t even look at it. Some people just like to collect courses. Hardly anyone has bothered to look at the courses they are collecting. Otherwise, we would have to go back to the basics of YouTube for not asking questions that are still the adornment of the group these days.

Specific Rights Of The Owner:

Every new and old You Tuber is a must-read topic on this important topic today, in which many of your concepts are clear, first of all, we talk about copyright, if we talk as far as YouTube then copyright Refers to the specific rights of the owner, which he derives from what he has created. Keep in mind here, you own YouTube to the extent that you have created an image, video article.

Documentation Process:

For this, YouTube does not give you any documents, nor does it write anything, to say that you own this thing. But the thing you created, so you are automatically called the owner of it, but sometimes there may be a situation, that you made a video, but have not yet uploaded to any website on the Internet and by some means. , She reached out to someone else and she uploaded it. It has been a difficult situation and you have to prove that it was yours and passed it on to others. You have to knock on the door of the court to prove it, but if someone else uploads the video you made to another website and that website is well-reposed, it will be easier for you and you. They can easily prove that this is a video you have created and they may be forced to remove this video from their data.

How To Upload A Video On YouTube:

Coming back to YouTube, when we upload our videos to YouTube, YouTube gives us two options. A Creative Commons License and Standard YouTube License, the standard YouTube License here means that you own the video and YouTube is responsible for its protection, and if any Google Everyone uploads to the website, so YouTube will do everything possible to help you protect your rights. In this way, every major site protects the rights of its users. If the data of another site is uploaded on YouTube, then the original owner can remove that video from YouTube with the help of this web.

Similarly, if a YouTube video is uploaded to another YouTube channel, YouTube will help the original owner’s YouTube, and the video will be removed from the other channel.

Now come to the strike:

Whenever we sign up for a site, it has some terms of service. There are certain rules, whenever you break these rules, the company will take action against you according to its rules. YouTube also wrote in its Term of Services that whenever you break the rules of YouTube or the community if you go against the guideline, you will face a strike whenever you go against the rules of YouTube. There will be a strike, and this will happen three times and the third time your account will be closed.

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